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Tell Your Story

Share Your Narrative

There is an allure to storytelling, an art that has captivated the human soul and civilizations for hundreds of years. The act of storytelling holds strong cultural links universally.

Establishing a sense of the order of your life events could not exist without your human ability to narrate a tale. We also know, however, that sometimes, openly communicating your emotions and opinions may feel intimidating. You may be dealing with depression, anxiety, trauma, grief and loss, addiction, and therapy can be a powerful tool to assist you with these and other mental health challenges you may be experiencing.

What is Therapy?

When entering into a counselling relationship, we understand that you have a unique story to share. By sharing your account, we gain insight into how you observe and respond to your environment. We know this isn’t easy, but it can be very empowering. Recounting experiences can be distressing, and narrative therapy seeks to support you in shifting away from any negative perceptions you have developed about your experiences.

What Can Therapy Do For You?

Change can happen through the power of you telling your story. As psychotherapists, offering you compassion is vital part of our role. We see our relationship as a partnership. Together in a safe, non-judgmental therapy setting, we can:

  • assist you in better understanding your challenges,

  • help you see how your sociocultural sphere plays a factor, and

  • show you how you can create a new narrative; a new way to view your story

Therapy provides you with a structure to express your ideas about your life situations and occurrences while being mindful of the other dynamics that influence your sphere socially, ethnically, and politically. What is very special about the therapy process is that it takes away the focus from self-blame, which helps you detach your sense of identity from a problem and view the problem as the problem. We will ask you questions as you tell your story and guide you into giving the issue a name not attached to your identity. Letter writing or creating art are some of the ways that can achieve this purpose.

You Own Your Story

Therapy can lessen the burden your individual story may be having on you. Through the therapeutic journey, we will work together as you tell your account, and you’ll have the opportunity to see your words in new ways and contemplate perspectives that perhaps you had not before.

Through psychotherapy, we help you articulate and then find the significance of your challenges and set goals for solutions. No matter what, we will remain an empathetic support system for you.

I am ready to support you in telling your story and empowering you to take action.

If you are ready, you are welcome to connect with me HERE

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