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  • Liz Khalighi

Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) by Dr. Stephen Porges

I am thrilled to share that I have completed the certification process to begin facilitating the Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP) within my practice. The SSP is a powerful auditory intervention developed by Dr. Stephen Porges and is rooted in Polyvagal Theory. This non-invasive approach aims to target the Social Engagement System as the client listens to 5 hours of filtered music over the course of 5 consecutive days. This specially filtered music helps to train the nervous system to feel safe and secure. As our physiological state becomes regulated, people are then able to feel emotionally balanced and this creates more possibility for improved social engagement and optimal outcomes in therapy.

Our ability to feel safe is mediated by the vagas nerve which is a part of the Autonomic Nervous System, or as Dr. Porges calls this, the Social Engagement System. This refers to the part of our nervous system that recognizes cues in our environment that tell us whether a person or situation is safe.

The SSP can be completed in-person with me over the course of 5, one and half hour appointments in the office. During these sessions, you will use specially designed earphones to listen to the filtered music in sequence. More recently the engineers behind the SSP have created a convenient app (Designed by Unyte Ils) that can be used by both Apple and Android devices. With this in mind, the option to complete the 5 day protocol in the comfort of your home, while I track your progress remotely, is now available. If choosing to complete the protocol at home, day 1 of the protocol would be completed in the office with me and I will be available to my clients online throughout the duration of the protocol (completed within 2 weeks). *Additional fees apply when using the Unyte Ils app.

This protocol can be delivered to both children and adults and can be modified depending on the clients' history and tolerance of the process. Each individual will respond differently but this protocol has shown to be effective as a complimentary treatment for anxiety and trauma, auditory sensitivities, social and emotional difficulties, and inattention.

I am so excited to begin facilitating this powerful intervention! I have found my own personal gains from the SSP in the area of auditory sensitivities (misophonia) and improved social engagement. Do not hesitate to contact me to discuss about how this intervention can work for you!

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