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Meet Margo

Margo is currently accepting new clients for virtual sessions.

  • Individuals

  • Couples

  • Families

  • Young Adults

  • Depression/Anxiety/Mood Concerns

  • BIPOC and Systemic Oppression 

    My Story

    Margo has over 15 years of professional experience with focuses in Child Welfare, relationships and marriage, conflict resolution, mentoring, diversity, equity and inclusion, and strength-based modalities.  


    In her work with couples, Margo offers treatment to help with reconciliation following infidelity, repairing attachment trauma, improving communication, and resolving conflict.

    Margo specializes in supporting BIPOC individuals (18+) with anxiety, depression, communication difficulties and strained relationships. In her individual work with adults, she acknowledges the post-traumatic impacts of systemic racism and oppression, and how it can interfere in their overall quality of life.  Margo is skilled at helping her clients effectively manage life transitions, improve self-advocacy, and heal from the adversity they have experienced. 


    Margo identifies as a Black woman, second generation immigrant, wife, and mother of five children, ranging in ages from 7-21 years old.  She is also a Christian and is able to incorporate Bible and faith-based principles to her work, for those who find themselves needing to ground themselves in their faith.


    Margo prioritizes working alongside her clients, to work at their pace, in order to achieve their goals.


    Margo is known for being hard working, quick thinking, and is incredibly kind and patient.  Her clients have found her to be relatable, understanding, and non-judgemental.

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